Our history / Our Values

My Very Own Bed works to provide children with a place to dream each night


Provides new beds and linens to children of families who have recently secured stable housing in the Twin Cities. 

About Us

My Very Own Bed was founded by Michael Allen in January 2014. He saw families who had recently transitioned out of homelessness and had a need for new beds and linens. Children were sleeping on the floor. My Very Own Bed was created to help families get one step closer to thriving in their new homes.


By providing new beds and linens to children who need them, MVOB helps children get a good night’s sleep. Michael Allen began providing beds to kids in need in December 2014.

In 2015, MVOB provided 120 beds to families. In 2016 MVOB delivered 152 beds to kids in the Twin Cities. 

 Core Values

  • Relationships First
  • Get better before you get Bigger 
  • Focus on Excellence 
  • Treat all with compassion and dignity