How We Serve

Activities are carried out by a broad array of individuals, volunteers and community partners. Michael Allen, founder and Executive Director of MVOB collaborates with a Board of Directors comprised of three professional and community leaders. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the organization and in fact, there is no paid staff. Volunteers come through personal connections, referral partners, social media, Volunteer Match postings online and the community.


MVOB currently works with the following partner agencies which refer families for beds: Amherst Wilder Foundation, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, St Paul School District (Project REACH), Washburn Center for Children, Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, and Simpson Housing Services. Our partner agencies help families experiencing homelessness secure stable housing, and provide resources, referrals and continued support once families are stably housed.

The criteria for success, at its most basic level, is that kids will get beds. The need for beds in our communities is great. Each night in Minnesota, children sleep on the floor and then try to function the next day at school.

As a result of MVOB’s activities, kids will get off the floor and on to a safe, comfortable bed. Only when children are fully rested, can they reach their potential physically, emotionally, intellectually, and in their life as a whole.