You can help My Very Own Bed give kids here in the Twin Cities a good night's sleep and a better chance at success in school by donating today. Donate your time helping delivering beds or pack dream kits -- beds, sheets, and a pillow. You can also donate to fund new beds and linens or help us secure new bed donations


My Very Own Bed relies on individuals like you! Your support in the form of a donation is needed now, and 100% of it goes toward purchasing and delivering beds to kids--the Dreamers--who need them.

Please consider giving today, so more children have the opportunity to start the school day right--by getting a good night's sleep. Help sponsor a dreamer by helping us provide new beds and linens to kids who deserve a better future! A contribution of any size will make a meaningful difference in the lives of these children.

You can make a difference in the future of a child. Please consider giving a gift of a good night's sleep today. 

$50 Dream Kit Donation: 

Provides a child with NEW sheets, blanket & stuffed animal

$120 Bed Set Donation:

Provides a child with a NEW twin bed


Providing new beds and linens to children of families who have recently secured stable housing in the Twin Cities. 




Donations can be made out to: My Very Own Bed 

Tax ID # 46-5071773

My Very Own Bed is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization



Your Donation Helped...

“My children had been sleeping on the floor in deflated air beds for months when I got a call from Michael at My Very Own Bed. When I received the call, I was so surprised. This call came at a time when I really needed to believe that kindness was still around. Michael blessed my household with so much more than beds when he brought them to our house. My children were so excited the day the beds arrived that they wanted to help Michael bring in the beds!

My family and I would like to thank him and My Very Own Bed for giving us kindness and comfort at a time it was really needed. My Very Own Bed will forever be with my family. What a difference a bed can make! This experience encourages us to keep the gift of giving and kindness going.”

Thank you so much!

-Stephanie and Family


"As a single mother of identical 7 year old twins, money is a constant worry.  Each day, each month, each year, I am wrought with anxiety over how we are going to stay afloat.  The past year has been especially difficult.  I was battling a serious illness while trying to maintain my household.  We had to move unexpectedly and were facing homelessness. By the Grace of God, angels flew to our side and helped us.  We were able to stay with a family until I could make a plan of action.  Another family told us they wanted to help.  They even helped us get another apartment back near the twins’ school!  There was one more missing piece…beds.

After explaining my story to a social worker at STEP emergency food shelf I learned about My Very Own Bed and what they do for the community.  She put in a referral for me, but I was still unsure if I would be blessed a 3rd time.  To my surprise, an angel named Michael called me.  What he told me left me speechless.  He said that he wanted to deliver 3 new twin beds to our new home…FREE.

When he came, he told me the story of how he started My Very Own Bed.  The combination of his assistance to my family and his story left me in tears of gratitude.  I am forever humbled by this man.  There are no words to express the beautiful charity and commitment that Michael has.  It astounds me that a complete stranger commits his time to helping people less fortunate.

I truly believe that this project deserves a spotlight and a standing ovation.  The world would truly be a better place with more people like Michael.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with you.  Be blessed!"